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13 Jan

Invati Reviews & Testimonials

You’ve probably heard all about Invati, Aveda’s new hair care system for thinning hair, but you’re wondering if it really works. Well, we had two of our guests try the Invati system (shampoo, conditioner and scalp revitalizer) before it came out to put Aveda’s claims to the test! Here’s what they had to say…


Aveda Invati Review “After using the Invati hair care system for six weeks, my hair is so thick and full! It’s a lot heathier, and I’m really happy with it! I used to be so proud of my thick hair, but as I started getting older, I began to worry about all the hair I was losing. Now my hair is healthier than it has been for a long time, and I now experience minimal hair loss.

People started noticing a difference in my hair just after the first two weeks. Also, family I haven’t seen for a while recently commented on the thickness and shine of my hair.

Using the Scalp Revitalizer twice a day has become routine, and the tingling that it produces is invigorating! I look forward to using it in the morning and also in the evening.  I love the scent, and I am very happy with all aspects of the product.  I would rate it a 10+ overall.

I will purchase and continue to use the Invati products, and I recommend them to anyone who has thinning hair. I add them to the list of Aveda products that I love!”


Aveda Invati review“Before, I noticed that my hair was getting thinner and falling out. Every day there was more hair in the shower and around my sink. This also annoyed my husband!  I was looking for a solution that would stop this process, and Invati has definitely helped!

I felt like I noticed fewer hairs in the sink just after the first couple of days! After a couple of weeks, my hair felt so much thicker, which was great. Now my hair feels so soft, healthy and thick, and my hair loss is now under control. My hair also doesn’t get flat or greasy during the day like it used to.

My only complaint would be that the shampoo doesn’t lather like other shampoos, so that took a while to get used to. Also, the scent is pretty strong, so if you don’t like it, then that will take some time to get over as well.

After 6 weeks using Invati, I have noticed a huge difference. I liked it more and more after each week.”


To learn more about Invati, read this.




  1. lucy  March 21, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    Hi everyone. My name is Lucy and i am 26 years old. I have medium brown hair and have it tinted one shadde darker with Aveda every 3 months. I experienced hair thinning when i left a job due to stress i believe or a hormone change as i started to produce more oil in my scalp and my skin texture changed slightly. Anyway it was heart breaking as it had been my thing, fine hair but loads and loads of it! So since then i have been on a quest to find any product which would help! I have been a succer due to this and bought products I have later thought what was i thinking. I have tried pretty much everything and i mean everything!!!! For all ladies out there who relate to what im saying you will understand the frustration when you buy something and really believe it will do what it says on the bottle only to be disapointed and reminded once again that your hair is not as good as it once was. Well Invati does what it says and more! I did my reasearch and went through hundreds of reviews and so will answer the unsure comments, which i may add were incredibly hard to find which is a bonus. It does lather, not like a normal shampoo but not too far off. The trick wet your hair in the shower and as soon as you step out from under it to wash your hair put the shampoo on straight away! It smells beautiful. The conditioner is not drying if you have fine hair medium fullness. Make sure you massage it in! The spray is wonderfull, the tingeling is minimal to non existant! YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. Ive already put my fellow fine haired best friend onto it and my mum and they are hooked!

    • nurturthesalon  March 21, 2012 at 9:01 pm

      Thanks for your testimony, Lucy! We’re so glad you found Invati and have experienced its benefits first-hand! Our guests have seen great changes using this product as well!